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Mórus Tamásról készült portréfestmény

Saint Thomas More Association of Őrmező 


The Measure of Love
Saint Thomas More

(after Pico della Mirandolina)

		If love be  strong, hot, mighty and fervent 
		There may no trouble, grief or sorrow fall,
		But the lover would be well content
		All to endure and think it eke too small,
		Though it were death, so might therewithal
		The joyful presence of that person get
		On whom he hath his heart and love y-set.
		Thus should of God the lover be content
		Any distress or sorrow to endure,
		Rather than to be from God absent,
		And glad to die, so that he may be sure
		By his departing hence for to procure,
		After this valley dark, the heavently light,
		And of his love the glorious sight.
		Not only a lover content in h is heart  
		But coveteth eke and longeth to sustain
		Some labour, incommodity or smart,
		Loss, adversity, trouble or pain:
		And of his sorrow joyful is and fain,
		And happy thinketh for his that he may take
		some misadventure for his lover's sake.
		Thus shouldest thou, that lovest God also,
		In thine heart wish, covet and be glad
		For him to suffer trouble, pain and woe:
		For whom if thou be never so wou bestead,
		Yet thou ne shalt sustain (be not adread), 
		Half the dolour, grief and adversity
		That he already suffered hath for thee.